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JIBC Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce (JIBC)
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JIP Journal of Internet Purchasing (JIP)
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  • Nahum Goldmann, The Caring Extranet: Implementing Extranet Business Communities, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce (JIBC), October 1999, vol. 4, no. 1
    To rapidly restructure itself, an organization needs to establish a special framework, a multiphase program for managing the transition process. This article describes how to define such a framework. It introduces a new fundamental concept of the Extranet Business Community and describes what it consists of, what makes it different from conventional ways of running a business, and how much it might cost.

  • Nahum Goldmann, Implementing Extranet Business Communities, The Journal of Electronic Commerce, 1999, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 14-24 (zipped, rtf format)

  • University of Ottawa Graduate Certificate in e-Commerce Course ADM 6420 Seminar in Administration: Electronic Marketing

  • University of Toronto School of Management Course MGTC50H3 Building Internet Commerce Ventures

  • Building Extranet Business Communities By Nahum Goldmann (presented at CASCON98)

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ADDSecure.Net™ is a security auditing service to probe integrity of Web Sites. This important initiative is being offered to corporations, government agencies and financial institutions that must maintain data on their Web sites. ADDSecure.Net Inc. also actively encourages Internet service providers, Web developers, accounting, insurance brokerage and computer security firms to participate in reselling this new service.