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About ARRAY Develpment
ARRAY Development has an excellent track record in helping leading corporations and government agencies with the business transformation that ensures their competitiveness and profitability. We conceptualize and develop highly interactive and intelligent digitization solutions for electronic governance and commerce.
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A Development Platform for Corporate Supply Chain
DLT*ARRAY™ is a new business and technology platform that enables easy implementation of various supply chain operations and their critical functionality, such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supply Chain Logistics (SCL), and Supply Chain Finance (SCF). It is designed to be secure, scalable, transparent, highly extensible and customizable, robust and durable, efficient and fast.
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Executive Decision and Control Service
ARRAY Development's EDCS Profit™ is a management oriented customized analytical service, simple to use yet powerful, that enhances corporate accounting and financial reporting systems. It ensures full accountability of the corporate financial reporting to the executives, the Board and investors. Our original methodology radically improves work effectiveness by supporting rapid and profitable business growth. Resulting continuous and measurable advancements in the corporate finances help the corporates to achieve strategic goals and the 'Best in Class' status.
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Effect of IFRS on the Accountability of CEOs and Non-Financial Executives: Should I be Concerned?
IFRS Practice LLP/ARRAY Development have developed The Executive Retreat on the Effect of IFRS on Personal Accountability of Non-Financial Executives (NFEs). It is the only IFRS seminar that deals exclusively with the ongoing challenges, obligations, responsibilities and liabilities of corporate directors, CEOs, and NFEs.
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Anti-Money Laundering Accountability Review
The Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act compels all industry participants to implement a comprehensive compliance regime and maintain necessary rigor. As well, FINTRAC Guideline 4 prescribes periodic reviews to ensure the effectiveness of compliance policies and procedures. The key challenge for many financial institutions is to sustain their effectiveness on an ongoing basis.
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FINTRAC Reporting Service (Fintrac.RS)
FINTRAC Reporting Service (Fintrac.RS) is a secure automated service that simplifies suspicious transaction reporting business operations.

BCX (Business Currency eXchange)
Business Currency eXchange (BCX) is a secure automated service that simplifies currency exchange business operations.

Contract Service Administration System (Contract*Admin)
Contract Service Administration System (Contract*Admin) is an automated service that simplifies GOL/IM/IT Contract Service Acquisition approval.
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Tr-IPS -- Travel-Internet Productivity Service
Tr-IPS is travel administration service especially developed for large as well as small and medium enterprises.

Business Travel RFP Service
Using Business Travel RFP Service, a travel coordinator who periodically compiles corporate hotel directory, a conference organizer or a meeting planner can submit Requests For Proposals to hotels or hotel chains anywhere in the world.

ADDSecure.Net Audit

The World-Leading Web Security Audit

ADDSecure.Net™ is a security auditing service to probe integrity of Web Sites. This important initiative is being offered to corporations, government agencies and financial institutions that must maintain data on their Web sites. ADDSecure.Net Inc. also actively encourages Internet service providers, Web developers, accounting, insurance brokerage and computer security firms to participate in reselling this new service.

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